You can expect to find your friendly neighbors, assembled to worship God the father, and proclaim the love and grace He has given to us; and remember Jesus, the Christ, our example – our Savior. We will strive always to provoke love and good deeds of one another.

As in the 1st Century New Testament Church, our worship to God is simple – without mankind’s rituals. You will find a wholesome respect for the Word of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit. We study only the Holy Scriptures – no human creeds will be used by us.

In addition to the worship of our Creator, we strive to fulfil our Savior’s stated plan for us by sharing His Gospel message with this community and throughout the world.

Sermons every Sunday will be based wholly upon the Word of God. They will be Christ-centered and Biblically based so we can develop a deepening relationship with God through our understanding and personal involvement with Him and His truth in our everyday life.